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The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) announced the 2017 exhibitors of NADA Miami Beach. The fifteenth edition of NADA Miami Beach will take place December 7–10, 2017 at the Deauville Beach Resort.


This year, NADA will present booths by 108 galleries from 16 different countries, including 23 first time exhibitors, and 27 project spaces. For those who aren’t familiar with NADA Projects, it’s one of our favorite components of the fair. The Projects are in self-contained booths designed to highlight small-scale presentations from emerging galleries and independent organizations.


The fair will open to VIPs at 10 a.m. on Thursday, December 7, and then open to the public at 2 p.m. that same day. Ticket starts at $40, with $20 for a single day and $10 for seniors and students. You can purchase tickets here.


The exhibitor list is below.


Adams and Ollman – Portland
Alden Projects™ – New York
And Now – Dallas
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery – New York
Bel Ami – Los Angeles
Michael Benevento – Los Angeles
Galerie Maria Bernheim – Zurich
Bodega – New York
Brennan & Griffin – New York
BWA Warszawa – Warsaw
Shane Campbell Gallery – Chicago
CANADA – New York
CAPITAL – San Francisco
Carbon 12 – Dubai
CARNE – Bogota
China Art Objects Galleries – Los Angeles
C L E A R I N G – Brooklyn
Company Gallery – New York
Creative Growth Art Center – Oakland
Document – Chicago
Downs & Ross – New York
Derek Eller Gallery – New York
Galería Agustina Ferreyra – Mexico City/San Juan
FIERMAN – New York
Carl Freedman Gallery – London
James Fuentes – New York
Ghebaly Gallery – Los Angeles
The Green Gallery – Milwaukee
Dan Gunn – Berlin
Halsey McKay – East Hampton
Jack Hanley Gallery – New York
Natalia Hug – Cologne
Ibid Gallery – Los Angeles
Karma – New York
Kayne Griffin Corcoran – Los Angeles
Galerie Parisa Kind – Frankfurt
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery – New York
Tomio Koyama Gallery – Tokyo
LETO – Warsaw
Antoine Levi – Paris
Lomex – New York
LINN LÜHN – Düsseldorf
Markus Lüttgen – Cologne
Lyles & King – New York
Marinaro – New York
Marlborough Contemporary – New York
Martos Gallery – New York
Kai Matsumiya – New York
Moran Bondaroff – Los Angeles
Park View/Paul Soto – Los Angeles
Parker Gallery – Los Angeles
Parrasch Heijnen Gallery – Los Angeles
The Pit – Los Angeles
Simon Preston Gallery – New York
Proyectos Ultravioleta – Guatemala City
Queer Thoughts – New York
Dawid Radziszewski – Warsaw
Raster – Warsaw
Regards – Chicago
Reyes Projects – Birmingham
Kerry Schuss – New York
SHRINE – New York
Southard Reid – London
Stems Gallery – Brussels
Jacky Strenz – Frankfurt
Studio Voltaire – London
SVIT – Prague
Rachel Uffner Gallery – New York
Kate Werble Gallery – New York
What Pipeline – Detroit
White Columns – New York


NADA Projects

321 Gallery – Brooklyn
Helena Anrather – New York
Camden Arts Centre London – London
Clages – Cologne
Embajada – San Juan
Et al. – San Francisco
False Flag – New York
Field Editions – Liverpool
Fourteen30 Contemporary – Portland
Good Weather – North Little Rock
Independent Curators International (ICI) – New York
JAG – Brooklyn
L’INCONNUE – Montreal
Locust Projects – Miami
Kristen Lorello – New York
Lulu – Mexico City
Mrs. – Queens
Participant Inc – New York
Rental Gallery – East Hampton
Safe Gallery – Brooklyn
TIF SIGFRIDS – Los Angeles
Trapéz – Budapest
Rob Tufnell – Cologne
WALDEN – Buenos Aires
Wingate Studio – Hinsdale
XYZ Collective – Tokyo


Proceeds raised from NADA Miami Beach ticket sales will go towards the NADA International Gallery Prize, an initiative to support first-time exhibitors traveling internationally to the fair in 2018.

top image // courtesy of NADA, Queer Thoughts and What Pipeline’s Collaborative Booth