During these times of technology-fueled services and digitally obsessed urgency, Artfinder would be content to have you dismissing your art agent / curator altogether. We have our groceries delivered to our door, we contract our car rides via an app, and now we can get our original artwork collection from a digital curator.


Using facial recognition technology (yep, the same kind used by police), Artfinder’s new Twitter bot, Emma AI, analyzes any image you tweet at it and replies back with suggested works that it estimates will fit your tastes. Traditionally, a curator would give an interested buyer / collector personalized recommendations based on his or her preferences. Alternately, someone may search blindly through a website and never find what they need because the site’s results aren’t customized for them.


According to Artfinder CEO Jonas Almgren, Emma AI “cracked the two biggest problems in art e-commerce.” He says that some users don’t know how to describe their own preferences for art, and others don’t know what to do once a work they wanted has been sold. Based on the colors, style, subject and visual structure of the image you send Emma – be it a selfie, vacation photo or an artwork you love that has already been sold – the AI sifts through its catalogue of 250,000+ artworks and narrows them down to up-to-200 images that you may be interested in. This way, we don’t need to sift through collections that don’t speak to our aesthetic in order to find many options that may look great up on our walls!


Art Zealous put Emma AI to task by asking it to look for images that are inspired by our logo: The clean, minimal lines with a pop of color gave us the results above.


(Above, l to r: Lovers by Bart Soutendijk; Sketch #1 by Daria Yablon-Soloviova; Monodia by Franscesco D’Adamo; Blow Me Away by Gandee Vasan)