We caught up with Annalise Oberts, one of the masterminds behind Puzzlegasm, your new favorite erotic puzzle.

Tell us about your journey into creating Puzzlegasm?

Our journey started in a snowy mountain town – four friends completing a 1,000 piece puzzle over a weekend ski getaway. The feeling of finishing was surprisingly satisfying. However, we all agreed the image was a bit mundane and uninspiring for our playful and open minds. With our newly discovered addiction to puzzles, we returned to Los Angeles and searched for a puzzle that was more visually exciting and fitting of our lifestyle. Our search came up empty and, soon after, Puzzlegasm was born. After 10-months of curating and creating, my husband and I launched mid-January of this year. We have been having so much fun and have connected with incredible people from around the world who are doing amazing things.

What are specific aspects of the artists you work with appeal to you?

I love the passionate, unapologetic, and eager spirits of the artists we are working with. They are visionaries who are not afraid to push the boundaries and disrupt the status quo. I find this inspiring and courageous in a society that is so quick to frown upon and censor sexual freedom and expression.

Artist Valéria Ko, photography Bingham X 

How do you choose which artists you’re going to work with?

First and foremost, we choose artists that we vibe with. Anyone we decide to work with has to be a good fit on a human level and be in alignment with the mission of our company. We like to take the time to learn about them, why they’re interested in working with us and what inspires them to create. We also have to make sure that their style of art (whether licensed or commissioned) is a good fit for a puzzle and our market – surprisingly, this is harder than it seems.

How long on average does it take you to complete one of your puzzles?

It takes between 6-8 hrs to complete a puzzle when we work on one together.

What do you look for in other works of erotic art?

I have a great appreciation for erotic art that is able to creatively showcase the many diverse and beautiful expressions of pleasure and human connection while at the same time provoking and stimulating the mind. I love learning the story and inspiration behind the art.

Life philosophy?

To stay curious, be playful, and always operate from a mindset and heart space of gratitude, love, and passion.

How would you describe your puzzles in 5 words?

sexy, playful, intriguing, alluring, contemporary

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What’s next for Puzzlegasm as a company?

We are working on getting our puzzles into brick and mortars across the country and releasing some new puzzles by year-end. We are also working on collaborations with like-minded brands, sexual empowerment coaches, and various podcasts.

top image // photography by Bingham X