When Tara Galuska was five, she wanted to be either an artist or a unicorn when she grew up. We love her creativity, almost as much as we LOVE her intricate miniature paper plant artworks that explore interior spaces and the lives lived within them.


Tara has lived all over the world, starting her life in Africa, and currently residing in Canada. Tara’s house plant collecting habit started when she moved from Australia to Canada, and she wanted to feel grounded in her home after being transplanted in a new country. We’re happy she sprouted a knack for paper collaging in her new digs!


There’s nothing prickly about Tara Galuska or her succulents, so Art Zealous spoke with Tara about her plant obsession and upcoming projects.


Art Zealous: Art background?

Tara Galuska: I studied illustration and design at the Design Centre Enmore in Sydney Australia. I was focused on getting a “real job” and after graduation I was a graphic designer for a while. In many ways that was a good fit as I liked working with clients and co-workers and a steady pay check was great too. However I wasn’t very creatively fulfilled so when I moved to Canada I decided to pursue my dreams more fully.


When I started creating in paper, I knew that I was it for me and haven’t looked back!



AZ: Astrological sign?

TG: I am a Cancerian.


AZ: Coffee or tea?

TG: Tea, always tea.



AZ: Fave emoji?

TG: What a terribly hard question. I feel like the dancing lady in the red dress is more than an emoji. She is a role model!


AZ: Dream travel destination?

TG: I am a homebody and don’t really have the travel bug, but my dream travel destinations are Japan and Iceland. My husband and I are headed to Japan next year and I can’t wait.



AZ: If you could pick a plant that categorizes your personality, what would it be?

TG: I’m a succulent for sure! Above all things, I’m a survivor.



AZ: Tell us about the nature theme in your work.

TG: We all get caught up in the rushing, the tasks, the deadlines, and the daily grind – when something stops us in our tracks it can give us the time and space to reflect. For me, these are most often related to experiences with nature, so I work to distil these experiences from my own life in paper form and offer them as a meditative moments for others.



AZ: What is your creative process?

TG: My work is process-driven, I create intricate sculptural paper objects, creatures, and compositions. Each one sparks the viewers’ imagination.


I have often been told that people are awestruck or filled with wonder when they first discover a piece, it is as though the object or creature is animated and alive. Following that, the viewer looks closer and realizes that the work is a meticulously hand-cut paper sculpture. I consider the work to be most successful when the labor of craft is only discovered after the viewer identifies with the object.


AZ: How do you choose materials to use?

TG: I think paper chooses me! I just love it. I started a collection of paper years before I even started creating with it and still get overcome with excitement when I get my hands on beautiful new papers.



AZ: Currently working on?

TG: I’m in the research stage for my next body of work. Right now it’s a lot of research, note taking, and collage work. I’m looking at telling people’s stories through their plants rather than focusing on the plants themselves.


AZ: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

TG: I am releasing my line of open edition tiny paper plants very soon! There is a snake plant, fiddle leaf fig, cactus and Monstera deliciosa. Basically, it’s a little gang of the most popular plants on Pinterest right now!



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