For those who don’t know what Rareform is, break it down for us
Here at Rareform, we are given billboards that would normally sit in a landfill and we repurpose them into completely unique bags. All of the billboard materials are received at our warehouse, where they are carefully cut and sorted. From there, the products are sewn together and then shipped out to all of you. Just like every billboard is unique, no two Rareform products are exactly alike.

How did the idea of #artlives come about?
People often ask us about where the bag came from and unfortunately, we don’t always have the answer. Now with the #ArtLives campaign, we have the chance to share the story of each of these bags with their owners. The people who purchase these bags will be able to hand pick where they want their bag to come from.

Why is this project important to you?
At Rareform each of our products is one-of-a-kind. Each one of our products has a story to tell. We wanted a way to truly capture each of our products’ individual stories from beginning to end. This project is important to me because it finally gives us a way to do that.

Tell us about the selection process on choosing Milton Glaser
We collaborated with our partner Lamar Advertising to formulate a list of potential artists. We wanted to go after somebody that was respected by all age groups. When we looked at Milton’s art, we liked how his art had a recognizable “pop” to it. The billboard artwork he has designed is everything we like: bold, daring, and tells a story.

 Can you tell us about another artists who may participate in this project? 
We can’t reveal the next artist just yet, but we can say this: at Rareform we like to be bold and encourage people to stand out. We also happen to be fans of artists that share similar sentiments. We want artwork that will allow people to own a bag that truly expresses who they are.

What’s next from Rareform after this? Any exciting collaborations?
We have a lot of collaborations planned with various musicians and artists. People should get ready for collaborations between Rareform and the very talented musicians Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

Photo // Jeremiah Klein