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Is the Future of Modern Living Now? Futurist Designer Warren Kay Thinks So

Our ever-expanding awareness and recognition of technological advances and virtual intelligence has not only brought forth significant discoveries and inventions in the scientific field, but have also established its dominant and indispensable place within the worlds of art, fashion, and design. Our lives are now monitored and guided by “assistants” such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant; and we find ourselves relying on these electronic servants to help us navigate our everyday lives.


In the design world, certain futuristic advances are beginning to dominate the world of interiors as the most useful and varied solution for decorating a space with beauty, whilst maximizing usage of every square foot of that space. These advances are a welcome addition in our current age of big city living and apartment setups – that which we call home. One such discovery is the incredibly advanced system of living and furniture design called INTELLIGENT LIVING.



Designed by the legendary textile, interiors, and Futurist designer Warren Kay, INTELLIGENT LIVING was recently launched at Kay’s famous Flatiron showroom MDRN, one of New York’s coolest interiors showrooms with the finest in textiles and Italian furniture. Not least, Kays MDRN comprises some of the finest contemporary art and coolest gadgets one only dreams of having, like the GoCycle.


An exciting and revolutionary transformable modular system of interiors, INTELLIGENT LIVING is a system of furniture for the future that mixes tech with design, while transforming the way we utilize traditional spaces. For the creative genius who loves the concept of versatility, with INTELLIGENT LIVING, a single-use space in any home can be transformed into a multi-purpose, all-encompassing experience in a matter of seconds.


INTELLIGENT LIVING is without question the most revolutionary system of design one might find anywhere, with multi-use units that merge exceptional craftsmanship with the latest in robotics technology. It is art, design, and very cool tech rolled into one; and the result is beautifully crafted customizable furniture that will no doubt bring singular style and design aesthetic to your home, revolutionizing the way we furnish our homes.



Whether you live in a big city like New York City or on the outskirts of civilization, INTELLIGENT LIVING augments any room into a multi-faceted live-in, workspace with the chicest furniture that modulates, inverts, and converts. Simply put, it is the new way of the world in interior design.


Beautifully designed, aesthetically and architecturally distinctive, INTELLIGENT LIVING is furniture for the future, created for comfort, versatility.  And it also looks so damn beautiful! Check out some of the incredible ways to incorporate INTELLIGENT LIVING below and be sure to stop by MDRN. You will walk out with arms full of great design items, guaranteed!


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additional reporting by Terry Doe