This summer, it seems like bigger is better! From piles of candy to massive mushrooms and giant nets, these exhibitions are interactive, larger than life, and — most importantly — photogenic! Stay ahead of the game and follow our lead with this week’s installment of #InstagramThis. As always, we’ve uncovered the must-see (and must-Insta!) exhibitions of the summer. Here are the galleries and museums you absolutely cannot miss.


1. Felix Gonzalez-Torres

photo // via @michellusun

Where: David Zwirner Gallery, 537 West 20th Street

When: On view until July 14, 2017

Where else can a pile of candy be both art and a treat for you to take with you? With beaded entryways and a baby blue go-go platform that you’re encouraged to perform on, this exhibition is an interactive experience that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss! On top of that, Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s art also happens to look great on camera.


2. Charlemagne Palestine’s Bear Mitzvah in Meshugahland

photo // via @thejewishmuseum

Where: The Jewish Museum

When: On view until August 6, 2017

If you’re a sucker for a good pun like we are, you’ll head to Charlemagne Palestine’s exhibition at The Jewish Museum, where every available surface is covered in stuffed animals! And while you’re at The Jewish Museum, we also recommend stopping by The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin to take a photo of your reflection in Mungo Thomson’s TIME magazine mirror.


3. Carsten Holler: Reason

photo // via @10boram

Where: Gagosian Gallery, 555 West 24th Street

When: On view until August 11, 2017

Climb into a life-sized die, dizzy yourself through a maze of mirrored revolving doors, and walk amongst giant mushroom — is this an art exhibition or an adult-sized playground? Decide for yourself with a visit to Gagosian Gallery, and remember to bring a friend who’ll take tons of photos for you and your Instagram.


4. Larry Bell

photo // via @whitneymuseum

Where: Whitney Museum

When: On view until October 1, 2017

Take a snapshot from one of the higher floors at the Whitney to capture the entire row of 6 pink glass cubes, or have a friend take your photo from across the cube for a cool filter. In any case, who can resist the stunning view of the New York City skyline this installation is set against?


5. Young Architects Program 2017: Lumen by Jenny Sabin Studio

photo // via @cammie_mcsnail

Where: MoMA PS1

When: Ongoing from June 29, 2017

This grand, outdoors installment is made of over 1 million yards of digitally knitted fiber that react to the heat and sunlight, subtly changing color during the day and glowing in the dark after sundown. Amazing, right? Go see it in person before it’s gone!


6. James Turrell: Meeting

photo // via @elaineck

Where: MoMA PS1

When: Ongoing

James Turrell converted a third-floor classroom as part of his signature Skyspaces. This open-air room makes you look up at the ceiling that frames the sky into a work of art. During MoMA PS1’s Warm Up summer concerts, this installation will be open until 9pm to allow visitors to both enjoy the music and the beautiful colors of the sunset.


top photo // via @momaps1