As a women-run art blog, we here at Art Zealous can’t help but to stan women who are actively redefining what it takes to be an art collector (digital or old school). Beth Tully, former director of Fountain Art Fair and alumni of Leo Kesting Gallery and Christina Ray Gallery, is one of those women.

With the launch of The Get, Beth’s new online gallery and art advisory, collection-building is distilled back down to its most simple and intentional form. No NFT? No problem. The Get’s art collecting philosophy focuses on finding you exciting and affordable (like, truly affordable) works by new and emerging artists.

Beth Tully, founder of The Get Gallery NYC. Photo by Jane Ringrose

Beth is no stranger to the needs of contemporary art collectors. Her passion lies in establishing connections between creators and collectors, with a seasoned background in the Manhattan gallery world – first, at Leo Kesting Gallery and then on to work in sales at Christina Ray Gallery. It was at the latter that Beth realized her skills were best served connecting with artists directly, and shortly after she went on to hit her stride as a producer for Fountain Art Fair.

At Fountain, Beth was able to focus on her passion: supporting artists and small businesses while promoting community and discovery within the art world. With these things in mind, Beth’s mission to make art accessible for all, from new collectors to seasoned veterans looking for fresh perspectives, gave early form to The Get.

“The Get is very much a natural evolution,” Beth explained. “Building upon my experience over the years – gallery sales, artist management, producing and directing national art exhibitions across the US, independently consulting, advising on gallery shows, brand campaigns, Brooklyn community projects and arts education non-profit work.”

Several years with Fountain led to a stint as the national program director for an arts non profit, and soon after Beth gave birth to her daughter Louise (now 20 months old). Of course, when the pandemic swooped in and decimated daily life as we know it, things changed quickly and Beth found herself drawn back to art advising. She left her position within the nonprofit and refocused her creative energy into manifesting her dreams for The Get.

Artist Edward Holland The Twins (Version 1) The Get Gallery NYC

What first attracted us to Beth’s art advisory was her Instagram account. A pleasing mix of inspirational home decor scenes alternate with featured artwork with contemporary artists, providing the perfect balance between dreamy content and collectable artists. If The Get doesn’t inspire you to rethink your walls, at the very least it will introduce you to new artists.

Beth’s curatorial instinct is based on intuition. “For the Gallery, I follow my instincts for beautiful things (as all good Libras do),” she states. “I look for art that makes me feel something; for me there’s no set formula or rules, it’s more of a “you know it when you see it” situation.” Of course, we knew she had it as soon as we saw her Instagram.

We definitely know that we see some of the most intriguing contemporary artists when we peruse The Get’s gallery of artists. Works by Theodore Boyer, Leila Fanner (with 2 original works on paper exclusive to The Get) Edward Holland, and Erica Reade provide fresh perspective to Beth’s advisory.

Discovery, after all, is Beth’s favorite part of art advising. “I’m incredibly interested in not only the artists and galleries, but in those that the people I respect and admire follow and share. Today, much of that happens via Instagram, which I embrace. Not to mention, over the past year, what a gift it’s been to be able to continuously encounter and uncover new talent from afar. There is just so much to see.”

Artist Gentleman’s Game for West Elm Workspace The Get Art Advisory NYC

Leila Fanner Couch in the Garden in situ Sarasota FL The Get Art Advisory NYC

This obsession with quality and discovery is passed on directly to Beth’s art advisory clients. A highly collaborative process, Beth pulls out all the stops in finding the best artwork for her clients. “I basically try to put myself in their shoes to best understand what moves them, the spaces we’re working with, anticipating what they’ll connect with most.”

Whether discovering artists through The Get or employing Beth’s master eye for placing the perfect artwork, followers of The Get won’t be disappointed with Beth’s supreme attention to her craft. “With the Advisory I’m laser-focused on unlocking what will resonate with an individual client, whereas the Gallery allows me to share a whole world of artists and work free from any restrictions.”

With several major projects under her belt, including a fantastic gallery wall in Sarasota, Florida as her premiere project, Beth is taking The Get to new and incredible heights as she expands her repertoire. Currently, Beth is working with several NYC-based clients who are in the process of establishing new collections.

“The thing I’m most excited about is how many people I know with beautiful homes, excellent taste and, yet, tons of blank walls,” Beth notes. “They appreciate and enjoy art, they’re eager to collect, but they’re also a little overwhelmed and intimidated by exactly how and where to start.” Anyone else feeling called out?! With so many incredible artists to collect on the market today, we’re thankful for Beth’s discerning eye.

What is perhaps most titillating bout Beth’s programming for The Get is the meticulous detail she spends sourcing works by artists that are young, up and coming, and have a unique but relatable point of view. As Beth puts it, “I think the beauty of what we’re trying to do with The Get is to help bridge the discovery and attainability gap for people.”

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