As a summer ritual, many New Yorkers jet to the Hamptons to escape steamy Manhattan. If you’re one of these lucky drifters who happens to be an art aficionado, a stop on your next trip East should most definitely be to the sleepy beach village, Quogue – more specifically the Quogue Gallery.


The Quogue Gallery is the first and only private art gallery in small town Quogue. It’s a dynamic space in the Hamptons where artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts can meet and share their passion for serious artistic investigation. The Gallery’s mission is to present a program of artistic excellence not limited to any genre or medium – focusing on modern and contemporary art created by emerging, established and historically important artists.  The Gallery is doing a fantastic job establishing itself as an active, vibrant, and inventive participant in the Hamptons art panorama by hosting artist talks and events that significantly contribute to the modern and contemporary art discourse.


Q Gallery
The Quogue Gallery


The Quogue Gallery is owned by a local family, Chester and Christy Murray, who both have an extensive art background. All of Chester’s grandparents and parents were collectors of modern and contemporary art which instilled a love for art at an early age. Art and the art market were always a subject of family conversation as long as he can remember, inspiring him to take art history classes in college and spend six weeks studying at The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain under the auspices of Bryn Mawr College and the University of Madrid in 1976. Christy’s father enjoyed painting, and she loved to watch his canvases evolve through form, color, line, and texture. That hobby taught her to look at art and ponder how it started and often ask when did the artist know when to stop? These questions lead to Christy enrolling in art courses ranging from pen and ink drawings to sculpting 3-dimensional objects.


Chester and Christy have been collecting art together for over 30 years and have kept abreast developments of the art market during that time, so it seemed like a natural next step in their journey and love for art to open a gallery in their beloved Quogue!


quogue gallery murrays
Chester, Christy & their son Carl at the Quogue Gallery


The Murray’s mirror their minimalist gallery aesthetic in their gorgeous summer home in Quogue by decorating with an exquisite personal art collection.  AZ spent five minutes with the Hamptons couple to chat about home art decor tips.


Art Zealous: How did you get started collecting art for your home?

Christy Murray: On our first date, Chester and I visited galleries in Soho New York, and we actually purchased a glass vase reminiscent of a Joan Miro painting. Some 30 years later it still presents itself in very prominent places in our home as it reminds us of a very special afternoon!


AZ: Describe your design aesthetic in 3 words

Chester & Christy Murray: Light, white, art.


The Murray home Quogue, NY


AZ: How does your home style influence the interior at the gallery?

Chester & Christy Murray: Light is key, our home brims with abundant natural light. Walls are bathed in white paint allowing the art to engage the room and beholder. Our gallery is very similar. Whether it be our home or gallery, it is very important that one feels welcome and engaged. Art is a wonderful voyage of discovery.  The ambiance of a room, as well as a gallery, can have a lot to do with the intimacy of that journey.


The Murray home Quogue, NY


AZ: What are important things to consider while pairing art with furniture?

Chester & Christy Murray: Art is the primary focus in our home. We keep the seating comfortable and neutral in color. Incorporating a few key pieces of unique furniture adds dimensional interest but still allows the art to manage the room. Keeping the room simple with furnishings that live in harmony allow you to dramatically change the look of your room by simply moving art around the room. Art lives differently from one wall to another due to its surroundings, light, and position in the room. Changing art from a prominent area such as over a sofa to above a console or other pieces of furniture can dramatically change a room and most definitely the way you view that particular work of art. We enjoy moving art around in our home as we delight in the rediscovery and conversation it beckons.


The Murray home Quogue, NY


The Murray home Quogue, NY


Check out the latest Quogue Gallery exhibition, Tommy May Mosaics and Machine, May 17, 2018 – June 21, 2018


images // courtesy of the Murray family

Originally posted 6/28/16