As a state of emergency has been declared for parts of California due to recent wildfires in the State, Los Angeles’s Getty Museum has been deemed safe to reopen its doors. Though the “Skirball Fire” was on the other side of the highway, the Museum was closed to the public on Wednesday and Thursday due to air quality concerns as ash and smoke shifted in the Museum’s direction.


When Art Zealous reached out for comment, a Getty spokesperson stated: “The Getty Center is currently safe, and is not threatened by fire.  We extend our gratitude to emergency personnel and our concerns for our neighbors across the freeway, who are dealing with the repercussions of the fire.”


According to first responders, the Museum has been instrumental in assisting law enforcement by making its space available and providing resources and beds to those who need them.


As for the artwork, all is safe. According Ron Hartwig, the vice president of communications at the Getty Trust, who spoke with CNN, the Museum was built with the possibility of wildfires in mind. Said Hartwig: “The Getty Center has a sophisticated air filtration system that can reverse directions and push air out. That system keeps smoke and ash from getting into the galleries and protects the collection.”


Art Zealous sends its support to the Getty, the first responders, and all those who are in the affected areas.


photo above courtesy of J. Paul Getty Trust