Didn’t quite get enough from our last Instagram accounts to follow post? We have got you covered with five MORE Instagram accounts to follow this month!




Founded with the intent to make discovering art more accessible, Artspace was made for Instagram. The feed will help newbies to the art world get acquainted, and old-hands discover new blood.




The Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine will fill your feed with mini impromptu art reviews from all around the world. With an insight to all things art Saltz’s insta is an account worth a follow.




The company whose tagline is “98% of art is boring. Welcome to The Two Percent” focuses on what it believes to be truly unique art. It is the perfect feed if you are tired of the same old art scene and looking for something new and outside of the box.




The Italy-based gallery keeps things fresh with a mix of gallery updates and general art news and knowledge. With most galleries focusing on self-promotion Brand New is a breath of fresh air for your Instagram feed.




The collector, advisor, and dealer has his finger firmly (though perhaps often controversially) on the pulse of the emerging artist world. Often dubbed the “patron-satan” to young artists, his Instagram account is never the less, worth a follow.