As part of its partnership with SCOPE Art Show, digital print and design company MOO, has collaborated with pioneering artist, calligrapher and creative director Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, to create the first ever NFC-enabled installation, debuting this December at Art Basel Miami.


Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic is an award-winning artist who has collaborated with some of the world’s most notable brands and personalities including Dell, KENZO, Nike, Adore, Diesel, CFDA, Public School, Kayne West and Jeff Koons, and his work has been exhibited at the MoMA and the White House. His unique style is informed and inspired by abstract forms, calligraphy and technology.


The multi-piece installation will be the culmination of a year-long content series entitled “Paper View”, celebrating and showcasing works on and with paper. The work, collectively entitled CODICES, is inspired by paper and MOO’s recently launched Paper+ – technologically breakthrough NFC. The installation will include large-scale sculptural pieces made entirely of paper, marking the first time sculpture has been created with NFC technology-enabled paper unique to MOO. Visitors to SCOPE Miami Beach will be able to access additional digital content by tapping their smartphones on the installation, or any of the unique NFC cards available as part of the exhibit, extending the meaning and the


Aerosyn-Lex also produced a limited edition paper sculpture kit that takes the notion of form, shape, color and construction to the next level. Available starting December 3rd, 2015, the work, entitled MOO+SCOPE Limited Edition will be retailed at SCOPE Miami Beach (booth H19).


Aerosyn-Lex says, “paper ( and its relational counterpart, ink ) is a living, breathing, organic material with it’s own properties. With this body of work I seek to explore the nature of paper and push it from the background to the foreground. Technology, and its implementation via an arts practice, is also a large part of my work. Utilizing cutting-edge paper based NFC technologies I hope to blur the lines between the physical and digital nature of the artwork and comment on how we as an audience are increasingly relating to physical work strictly through a digital context, and how we are fast replacing paper as a preferred medium for stored information and relegating it to a rarified space.”


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