Art on Paper features 85 top galleries and presents artists from all over the world utilizing paper-based materials. Launched in 2015, Art on Paper has quickly become a standout among the art fairs during Armory Week. This year, the Fair returns to downtown Manhattan’s Pier 36 from March 2nd to March 5th. We were amazed by the artists and the incredible collections at this year’s show. These are our favorite artists from the fair. Keep an eye out for these artists and look for a chance to add to your own collection.


1. Charles Clary 

Photo // courtesy of @charlesclary

Contact: Paradigm Gallery + Studio | Booth E1



2. Nathalia Edenmont

Photo // courtesy of Nathalia Edenmont’s “A Rare Smile”

Contact: Nancy Hoffman Gallery | Booth B10



3. Morton Bartlett 

Contact: Marion Harris | Booth G4



4. Peter Wayne Lewis

Photo // courtesy of Peter Wayne Lewis’s Beijing Booster Scroll

Contact: LOOC Art | Booth G11



5. Zhuang Hong Yi

Photo // courtesy of Zhuang Hong Yi’s Flower Bed

Contact: Nil Gallery | Booth C12


Top Image // courtesy of Art on Paper