Curator Madeleine Mermall is bringing her latest group exhibition to Brooklyn’s oldest brewery, the William Ulmer Brewery. On view from June 15th through July 6th, SPF 32 features thirty two emerging and mid-career artists, primarily female painters (YAS). The works presented explore themes of summer through imagery that evoke the season’s experiential lexicon.


Artists include: Aaron Zulpo, Adrienne Tarver, Alexandra Hammond, Amy Lincoln, Audun Alvestad, Caitlyn Murphy, Chelsea Gibson, Deborah Brown, Elizabeth Tillemans, Emilia Olsen, Gail Spaien, Grace Metzler, Giordanne Salley, Jacob Patrick Brooks, JJ Manford, Kady Grant, Karen Lederer, Kathryn Lynch, Kyle Coniglio, Lesley Wamsley, Maddy Bohrer, Madeline Donahue, Mary Kudlak, Molly Busk, Maggie Ellis, Mary DeVincentis, Nicole Wittenberg, Polly Shindler, Re McBride, Sarah Slappey, Scott Indrisek, and Tessa Greene O’Brien.


Preview some of the works below.



SPF 32: A Summer Group Show

June 15 – July 6, 2019

Reception: Saturday, June 15th, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm