Armory Week has officially come to an end. We came, we saw and conquered many of the satellite fairs. One of those fairs, SCOPE New York, was particularly enjoyed by my two children. Who knew they had such a discerning eye for artwork!?


Check out 12 artworks that made my kids stop in their tracks and stare.


1. Lucio Carvalho’s Dama de Murano (The Murano Lady)

Gallery: Chic Evolution in Art


2. Eine’s Pink Glitter A-Z

Gallery: Corey Helford


3. Zoe Byland’s Sunday Afternoon

Gallery: Corey Helford



4. Adrian Cox’s Forging the Path

Gallery: Corey Helford


5. Yuka Sakuma’s Cherry

Gallery: Corey Helford


6. Frank Morrison’s When I Rule the World

Gallery: Richard Beavers


7. Peter Opheim’s Owl

Gallery: Askeri Gallery


8. John Paul Fauves’ Morning Coffee

Gallery: Imitate Modern


9. Christian Schumann’s Dust Farmers

Gallery: Neumann Wolfson Art


10. Hans Van Bentem

Gallery: NL=US Art



11. David Lipson’s Hallissy

Gallery: Haven


12. Nastya Miro’s Houston We Have No Problem

Gallery: Ural Vision


top image // courtesy of SCOPE