For artists who feel stuck in a rut or just want a different environment, the perfect solution might just be an artist residency. There are opportunities for artists of all backgrounds to live and work for virtually any amount of time almost anywhere in the world. We’re barely scratching the surface here, but read on for a list of some of the most interesting options out there and how to apply.


1. The Chinati Foundation: Marfa, TX

Photo// Marianne Stockebrand, World Monuments Fund

It’s common knowledge that the sleepy desert town of Marfa is actually one of the premier destinations for contemporary art buffs. The Chinati Foundation is a renowned museum founded by minimalist artist Donald Judd and has a world-class artist residency program to boot. Selected artists get a fully furnished apartment on museum grounds, a studio in town and a $1000 stipend for travel and supplies. Residencies last two months, and 2018’s deadline is fast approaching—apply here.



2. Mesa Verde National Park: Colorado


The National Park Service has over 40 artist residency programs to choose from, but this one might be the most unique. 700 years ago, the Pueblo people built an intricate village of cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, and today, artists can live in a cabin in the middle of it all. For two weeks, participants get to pursue their art form while being inspired by the ancient architecture. More details here.



3. The Studio Museum in Harlem: New York, NY

Photo// Zuna Maza, Painting// Jordan Casteel

Since the Studio Museum’s founding nearly 50 years ago, this program has helped artists of African and Latino descent launch their careers. It’s an 11-month residency with 3 participants per year and offers a bi-weekly stipend. Learn more here.



4. Recology: San Francisco, CA


This residency’s out-there parameters might be the just the thing to get those creative juices flowing: selected artists must scavenge for their materials from at San Francisco Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center. The studio space is on-site, and a stipend is provided. Ready to get your hands dirty? Click here.



5. Elsewhere: Greensboro, NC


Elsewhere is a living museum inside a three-story former thrift store that offers 2 to 4-week residencies for artists of all makes and models. At any given time there are six residents working across a variety of disciplines to create site-specific pieces within the museum. Clean freaks, beware: the building is chock full of surplus inventory from its thrift store days as well as the remnants of past projects, but that’s all part of the fun. Read all about it here.



6. LABVERDE’s Art Immersion Program in the Amazon: Manaus, Brazil

Photo// @labverde, Instagram; Artwork// Rodrigo Braga

Calling all adventurous artists: want to escape to the jungle for ten days? A full program of expeditions, workshops and nature talks awaits. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is open to artists of a wide range of disciplines who are interested in exploring the connection between science, art and the natural environment. Three applicants are selected to enjoy the experience free of charge, but start saving just in case—the program fee is $2900, accommodations, meals and transportation from site to site included. Check it out here.



7. Cheng Long Wetlands Residency: Taiwan

Photo// Timothy S. Allen

Located in a low-lying coastal area, Cheng Long sinks more and more every year due to changing global environmental conditions, which have caused rising waters, strong winds, and increasingly powerful typhoons. The artists selected for this residency will have 25 days to complete projects that will raise awareness about environmental issues and involve the local people. Ready for a challenge? Get the details here.



8. WORLD OF CO: Sofia, Bulgaria


Bringing artists to a spot on the globe they might never get a chance to visit otherwise, WORLD OF CO’s program offers residencies from 1 to 3 months long. Participants are surrounded by gorgeous mountains and beautifully preserved architecture and have the opportunity to learn about traditional Bulgarian crafts and culture. The studio space is shared, fostering collaboration and experimentation among the artists. Click here to apply.



9. De Ateliers: Amsterdam

Photo//; Artwork// Evelyn Taocheng Wang

What better place to study art than the Venice of the North? De Ateliers is an independent art institute that occupies a dreamy historical building in the center of Amsterdam. The unique 2-year program, geared towards artists between the ages of 25 and 30, offers generous studio space, lecture series, various exhibition opportunities, technical assistance and an extensive network of established artists. For emerging artists seeking an immensely educational experience, this is it. Application info can be found here.



10. Outlandia: Glen Nevis, Scotland


Last but not least, this one is for everybody out there who dreams of making art in a treehouse. Located off the grid in the forests of the Scottish Highlands, the whimsical studio was built to foster links between creativity and the environment. Selected artists are given a week to create work that explores the tensions among nature, industry, tourism and heritage. There are no facilities at the studio, so those who aren’t fans of the great outdoors need not apply. More details here.



If none of the above sounds like your cup of tea, check out these sites for more ideas:


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