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10 Art Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following This Month

You know we love to bring you some new instagrammers to follow. From artists to online galleries, here are 10 art Instagram accounts that we are currently hyped for:


1. @bbbboyne

Bio: Bayne Peterson. New York–based artist.



2. @hookedblog

Bio: Mark Rigney. Documenting Street Art from London and beyond.

Hookedblog Instagram Street Art



3. @huntedprojects

Bio: HUNTED PROJECTS | IN DIALOGUE focuses on interviewing both internationally emerging and established artists about contemporary art practice.




4.  @onnavoellmer

Bio: Onna Voellmer. Exploring self as a reflection of nature, and nature as a reflection of self.



5.  @lillan.daddi

Bio: Paris–based artist. Designer and founder of  @D A D D I

Lillan Daddi Instagram Beach Installation



6. @thegatheredgallery

Bio: The Gathered Gallery, an online gallery curated by Natalie Field and Emily Pittman.

The Gathered Gallery Instagram



7. @tripletrance

Bio: Emily Melander works in clay and other resonate materials that explore what is felt and what is fleeting.

Emily Melander Instagram



8. @thednalife

Bio: If you love art.

The DNA Life Instagram



9. @trendland

Bio: Trendland

trendland instagram



10. @qta3

Bio: Q-TA. Art Director/ Graphic Designer/ Collage Artist in Tokyo.

Q-TA Instagram