You know we love to bring you some new instagrammers to follow. From artists to online galleries, here are 10 art Instagram accounts that we are currently hyped for:


1. @bbbboyne

Bio: Bayne Peterson. New York–based artist.



2. @hookedblog

Bio: Mark Rigney. Documenting Street Art from London and beyond.

Hookedblog Instagram Street Art



3. @huntedprojects

Bio: HUNTED PROJECTS | IN DIALOGUE focuses on interviewing both internationally emerging and established artists about contemporary art practice.




4.  @onnavoellmer

Bio: Onna Voellmer. Exploring self as a reflection of nature, and nature as a reflection of self.



5.  @lillan.daddi

Bio: Paris–based artist. Designer and founder of  @D A D D I

Lillan Daddi Instagram Beach Installation



6. @thegatheredgallery

Bio: The Gathered Gallery, an online gallery curated by Natalie Field and Emily Pittman.

The Gathered Gallery Instagram



7. @tripletrance

Bio: Emily Melander works in clay and other resonate materials that explore what is felt and what is fleeting.

Emily Melander Instagram



8. @thednalife

Bio: If you love art.

The DNA Life Instagram



9. @trendland

Bio: Trendland

trendland instagram



10. @qta3

Bio: Q-TA. Art Director/ Graphic Designer/ Collage Artist in Tokyo.

Q-TA Instagram