Art Basel Recap: Artist Sarah Bahbah Takes Over Art Basel Miami

Artist Sarah Bahbah took over Art Basel Miami. First, Bahbah was tapped by the Nautilus Hotel for an exhibition in their lobby and on December 7th, the W Miami hosted artist Sarah Bahbah’s first ever solo exhibition, from the series “Sex and Takeout.” The beloved Instagram darling, displayed her 30×30 pieces sky-high on the 50th floor in Whisper Cocktail Lounge, overlooking Biscayne Bay and all the Basel action in Downtown Miami and Brickell.


Sarah Bahbah


Known for her explicitly-transparent exploration of female voices, Bahbah’s raw storytelling style has developed a cult social following. According to her website,” Through transparency in words and actions, Sarah is carving the way for women across the world to find freedom in self-love.” Bahbah has certainly struck a cord with her fans, in her series For Arabella, she makes private conservations that women have with themselves public. She explained to;


“As women, we need to feel ownership over our indulgences, our pleasures, and teaching others how to please us. We need greater indulgence in our words, indulgence in our bodies, and what do with them […]


Arabella [the name of the series] is the voice for all women who are too afraid to speak on consequential subjects. She is a reminder that we have the power to say what we are feeling without self-censorship.”


Impress me, from her For Arabella Series, courtesy of @sarahbahbah


Guests were spotted taking their Instagram moments with the captioned photography, perusing the colorful collection, sipping cocktails, and dancing to the beats of Miami’s own Ella Romand.


top images // courtesy of Andrew Morales

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