We may have just found one of THE best instagram accounts and it revolves around everyone’s favorite sitcom character, Fran Fine. @thenannyart combines outfits from the classic tv show The Nanny with contemporary art.


The man behind the account, Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte, was inspired when he came across a still shot from The Nanny that reminded him of the 1988 painting Betty by Gerhard Richter. He began looking at more images of Fran Fine on the internet and realized how many of her outfits have their counterpart in contemporary art.


L-R: Katherine Bernhardt, Stefan Tcherepnin, Rene Magritte, Sarah Morris


“It is fascinating to combine iconic pieces of the most well-known artists that are high culture with outfits from the campy 90s series. The Nanny resonates in today’s world throughout many memes and fan accounts because of nostalgia, the larger than life characters and the strong persona of Fran Fine and her bold fashion choices. For me she is a metaphor for the arts: she is the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan,” Van Eeckhoutte told Art Zealous.


As for Van Eeckhoutte’s favorite? “There are many that I like, but I’m particularly fond of the Todd Oldham vest encrusted with sequins that perfectly echoes the painting The Vest Is The Best by Mathew Cerletty.”


The Vest Is The Best by Mathew Cerletty


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