In 2020, data has spelled out “despair” more often than any other sentiment.

Since February, we’ve been overwhelmed by harrowing number sets in the as we sip our morning coffee. We agonize over the latest bar graph of COVID-19 related deaths. Sweat populates on our brow lines as we scroll past the ubiquitous “flattening the curve” chart that haunts our every waking moment. There’s no escape from quantification.

But there is a way to change our perspective on numbers. And it just so happens to be the uplifting antidote we need.

On this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we’re so relieved to be able to share some truly good data with you. And what’s more, the data comes in the form of whimsical, meditative illustrations by artist and data journalist Mona Chalabi.

Mona Chalabi, Avigation, 2020. Courtesy of Absolut Art.

Exclusive prints inspired by the Natural World.

In celebration of this anniversary for Earth Day, Absolut Art is announcing an exclusive new series of prints by Chalabi.

“During times of hardship, we often look to art for hope. For Earth Day, we invited Mona Chalabi to create a series of drawings that employ data from the natural world to inspire optimism for our collective future,” said Michelle Grey, Absolut Art Creative Director

The series serves as a reminder that, despite the chaos of out contemporary world, there’s a grounding power in nature. Earth has its own rhythm, which we can hear and see when we pay attention.

“It’s precisely because everything is changing so much day-to-day that I wanted to look for the constants,” said artist Mona Chalabi. “It’s not to make you happy exactly, but to provide some comfort as an antidote to the anxiety induced by the world all around us.”

Tune in this Thursday, April 23, 2020, at 4PM EST. Chalabi will join fellow Absolut Art artists Shantell Martin and Baseera Khan in a live conversation via Crowdcast.