You are currently viewing These 11 #MuseumfromHome Art Activities from The Brant Foundation Will Keep You (and Your Family) Sane

These 11 #MuseumfromHome Art Activities from The Brant Foundation Will Keep You (and Your Family) Sane

Jonesing for some fun, new activities to try these days? The Brant Foundation has just the program for you.

Museum education departments have been coming up with interesting activities for art lovers big and small for decades – from interactive learning galleries, tactile classes in working artist studios, studio visits, curator lectures… the list goes on.

Institutions offer educational programs for a good reason: interacting with art involves more than just looking at a painting on the wall. To appreciate art is to engage with it in layers and in numerous contexts.

It’s important to be able to link patterns and themes, understand context, and think critically about messaging and application. The experience provided by this multi-sensory stimulation helps art viewers make meaningful connections.

We miss out on all of these benefits when interacting with art in-person isn’t possible,. Luckily, education departments are uniquely prepared with activities to engage and delight.

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center recently launched their #MuseumfromHome Art Activities, inspired by many of the foundation’s exhibitions.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hollywood Africans, 1983. @thebrantfoundation. Image via @mcauf on Instagram.

With 11 different downloadable activities, anyone can explore contemporary art concepts from home. These exercises are simple and kid friendly, making them a great option for anyone to try. Perfect for anyone looking for a break!

Featuring programs inspired by Glenn Ligon, Mike Kelley, David Altmejd, Urs Fischer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, Surrealism, and Pablo Picasso, these family-friendly activities will keep you busy and interested for days.

Which one will you try first?