Kristina Lopez realized there isn’t a voice or news source out there for millennials to track down information surrounding the wonderful world of art.  She imagined a solve in the form of a cultural hub for art aficionados to reference while pondering what exhibitions to see, what galas to attend, and who the latest and greatest artists are.


Kristina made her dream a reality by launching our beloved Art Zealous.  She created a place for art content to be delivered in a fun, digestible way, securing our attention in a distracting media landscape.  Much to our delight, her product brings the latest art exhibitions, daily news and developments from galleries, museums and events to the next generation of art collectors.


I caught up with our fearless leader to chat about AZ, Harry Potter, and her upcoming wedding.


Art Zealous: Hometown?

Kristina Lopez: Bridgewater, NJ. 


AZ: Currently based?



AZ: What superpower would you have and why?

KL:  I would love to have the power to speed read, like Robot Johnny Five! Could you imagine how many books I could read in an hour?


AZ: Favorite art Instagram account?

KL: I have a few: @artlist, art darling @elizabethmargulies, & photographer @hanna.hazel.


AZ: What is your vision for Art Zealous?

KL: I want young people to visit the site and learn about the latest stories, taste-makers, trends and events shaping the art world – basically we want art lovers to make AZ part of their routine.


Also, many of our readers may not feel confident walking into a gallery or aren’t aware of exciting art events taking place and we want to change that and provide them with tools (like our calendar) in order to help them be successful while navigating the art world.


AZ: What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve been given?

KL: My mom always provides me with the best professional advice – one thing she’s mentioned is the importance of emotional intelligence. She said that having the right degree and having great business acumen doesn’t necessarily guarantee success if we are unable to inspire and create great relationships with others.  Those with higher EQ’s are more likely to get top jobs because those people are generally more collaborative, easier to engage, listen to new and innovative ideas, and have stronger communication skills. I thought that was really powerful advice and now I always keep that in mind when I’m hiring.


AZ: If Art Zealous were a Hogwarts house, which one would it be?

KL: AZ is definitely a Gryffindor! For starters, the Gryffindor Crest has a lion on it and my astrological sign is a Leo. AZ is very much a lion, we’re fearless, daring and taking risks with a site that we’re very passionate about. It’s a risk I’m willing to take because I really believe that Art Zealous is a game-changer in how millennials view the art world.


AZ: You’re getting married this fall at the Parrish Art Museum. How exciting!

KL:  We’re really excited because the Parrish Art Museum is a Herzog de Meuron building and it’s absolutely stunning. My fiancé grew up in the Hamptons so it’s a great way to combine where he’s from and our love for the Arts. The venue only hosts a certain amount of weddings each year, so we’re excited we made the cut!


AZ: What can we expect to see from AZ in the future?

KL: You can expect to see some really fun projects! We’re currently working on a piece about New York City young art collectors – going to their homes and seeing their collections. We’re expanding our photography services, so if you’re hosting an art event and you want it captured on camera, you can hire AZ to come and we’ll shoot it for you. We also have other exciting projects coming down the pipeline, so you’ll just have to wait and see!