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Inside Look at Domenico Vacca’s Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

Domenico Vacca is known for mastering exceptional luxury and quality to fashion – dressing celebs like Denzel Washington for American Gangster, and everyone from Terrence Howard in Empire to Jeremy Piven in Entourage, plus Daniel Day-Lewis for the Oscars when he won for Lincoln.


The cross-pollination between art and fashion is dynamic and timely and according to the renowned Italian designer, consumers are aware now more than ever about the statement their clothing makes so art is a strong influence in his designs.  His love for art inspired the grand opening of The Domenico Vacca Art Gallery located within his new flagship destination in New York —a 10-story building off Fifth Avenue that will include men’s and women’s retail, a bespoke atelier, an Italian espresso bar & café, barber shop, beauty salon, rooftop terrace, private members-only club, and 30 furnished residential units designed by Vacca.  When Vacca designed the floor plans of his new building, he recognized the retail space served as a unique way to see what art might look like in a living room or home space, rather than on plain white walls in a traditional gallery.




At Vacca’s red carpet grand opening event last week, the first exhibition entitled “Numero Uno” curated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim was spotlighted, featuring artwork by: Retna, McCrow, Domingo Zapata, Emmanuel Cayere, and Raphael Mazzucco.  Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim has valuable knowledge and a finger on the pulse of the art world, which enticed Vacca to select his help with the opening exhibition.  “We are thrilled to be partnering with Philippe on our first exhibit,” says Vacca of the partnership, “He has an incredible eye for contemporary art and bringing artists to New York to debut their work, and we can’t wait to show the initial collection he has curated for us.”


Art Zealous attended the coveted Grand Opening event last week and spoke with Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim about this incredibly cool endeavor.


Art Zealous: Hometown?

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim: Born in Tours, France, grew up in Bonn, Germany.


AZ: Currently reading?

PHG: The four agreements.


AZ: Favorite gallery?

PHG: White Cube.


AZ: How did you select the pieces for this project?

PHG: I was looking for works that would suit the atmosphere of the space. As it looks sleek and almost minimalistic, I chose works that would stand out, and add additional impact in this already beautiful environment. Even though they are also very colorful, especially the works upstairs in the members club, I believe they blend in naturally and give it an additional sense of freshness and sophistication.


Retna Symphony Chelo 1, 2015


DVACCA     dvacca2

McCrow Digital Warfare, 2015

McCrow Digital Warfare Reflected, 2015


AZ: What themes did you want to explore for this space?

PHG: Beauty, human perfection and imperfections met in one, and artist profiles behind the works that are young and emerging to established “at edge.”


domenico vacca3
Emmanuel Cayere Hands, 2015


AZ: The art and fashion sectors are cross-pollinating more than ever. How do you view the relationship between the two?

PHG: I have always seen a very strong synergie. The designer’s process is artistic in many ways, from drawing sketches and illustrations to layering various mediums to produce a beautiful garment or dress. Artists in general have the ability to think outside the box and recreate and re-interpret current reality, from which something new and inspirational transpires. That is what fashion houses are now looking for. When you saw the Tech themed Met Gala this year you could see it in full form. Many of the special guests were essentially walking canvases. It was beautiful. This is a trend that will continue to happen. One of a kinds! Editions! Commissions! All these things are being transferred and the ideas are being take over within the art world. That is why a lot of fashion houses such as Gucci and many others now look for artists to take over the design work to accentuate progress.

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The Domenico Vacca Flagship is located at 15 West 55th Street, New York, NY.