Artists who have mastered the art of the stencil know all about process and practice. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, Bansky should ring a bell. He set the bar for any graffiti artists that used stencils, and in doing so, captivated the world. There is a plethora of other stencil artists that are creating profound, beautiful pieces of work that we feel should be on your radar.


The ultimate stencil artists that have revolutionized the art process are like magicians, no one knows how they do it, you’re completely mesmerized by their technique, and you’re sort of OK with not knowing their process because the end product is magnificent. Check out our 6 artists that made the cut… literally.



photo // @lanetwitchell

Layers and layers and layers of paper. Lane Twitchell is a contemporary visual artist and his paper folding, and cutting technique is impeccable, to say the least. His work consists of these vibrant psychedelic expansive structures that take you to another world. Finding inspiration in architecture, politics, and American fundamentalism, Twitchell makes these transcendent masterpieces.



photo // courtesy of artist

E= MC215. Christian Guémy better known as C215 has been spray painting and using stencils since 2005. Based in Paris, C215 makes the locals in the streets his subjects. This street artist is typically seen painting homeless people, street kids, and smokers that enliven the streets. C215’s stencil work is electric and captures the essence of city life.



photo // courtesy of the artist

Born in California, bred in Berlin, Above has been tagging his name on freight trains since 1995. This self-taught artist started painting his trademark arrow icon in Paris at the age of 19. He’s created abstract stencil works in the streets of over 100 cities.



She’s a stencil artist in the UK and she is very BIZZY.  Izolda Lautner widely known as BIZZY is a self-taught stencil painter and she started making hand-cut stencil paintings in 2011 without any artistic background. Let it be known, you don’t have to have be an expert to get your hands dirty. Her work brings the old school black and white photograph to life and brings fine art to the streets.



Photo Courtesy of Artist Page
Photo Courtesy of Artist Page

Nick Walker emerged in the Bristol graffiti scene after the 80’s. Walker uses his stencils as a way to juxtapose “free” street art style with his controlled stenciling process. His most memorable street art pieces, Moona Lisa and Vandal are iconic.


Logan Hicks

Photo // Courtesy of Artist 

Nightlife captured in a single stencil, that’s Logan Hicks for you. His work consists of spray-painted stencils on panel. If there was ever an artist that truly mastered the stencil, he’s definitely on the list. Hicks style goes back to Old Master paintings, bringing light from darkness, creating these radiant works of art with a modern touch. His series, One More Block, illuminate the streets and street corners that he uses as subjects.


top image // Lane Twitchell