adidas’ most recent collaboration with 10 female artists is #girlpower at its best.


adidas and Refinery29 partnered with female artists to design custom, one-of-a-kind pairs of UltraBOOST X sneaks, representing all 50 states. The limited edition BOOST the Nation collection is created for women by women to unite creativity through sport and reflect the nation’s individuality.


Meagan Morrison TravelWriteDraw

Artists were selected by utilizing different types of mediums so all shoes would come out unique, just like the people who represent each state in America. Refinery29 curated a diverse group of artists to go to town on these sneakers – including Meagan Morrison, Maria “Too Fly” Castillo, Bree Poort, Lizzie Darden, Jenny Kiker, Sophia Chang, Mari Orr, Jen Mussari, Carrie Chan, Jordana Schrager and Alyssa Coscarelli.  Each artist was inspired by a state’s unique culture, landscape and notable landmarks to create an original work of art. Artist Jordana Schrager even incorporated red, white, and blue into every design to represent the unity of the States. Although each state has its own personality, they all come together with a common underlying theme of patriotism.

Georgia; Lizzie Darden @lizzie_darden

One of the artists, Lizzie Darden said, “Using food as a universal, uniting factor and symbol of community, each state is represented by its most famous cuisine/dish in the spirit of a classic Fourth of July potluck barbeque. Georgia is embodied by its sweet peaches; Maine by fresh lobsters; Wisconsin savory cheese; Tennessee, its smoky Memphis-style barbecue; and South Carolina’s southern shrimp and grits. In times of uncertainty and political turmoil, states coming together brings comfort, and most of all creates strength needed to combat hate.”


Sneakers are available by auction, and 100 percent of the funds raised will be donated to Women Win, an organization that empowers girls to build leadership skills and addresses gender equity through sport.


New Jersey; Jen Mussari @jenmussari


Jen Mussari (creator of said pizza shoe) explained, “I reached out to locals of each state in the hopes of understanding their home better. In my research, I got to know some interesting new people and why they love where they live or where they’re from. It reminded me to see more of this huge country. I hope that people who see this collaboration of artist’s representation of symbols of the country will also find curiosity in how we chose to represent these states. Each shoe embodies a unique symbol relevant to each state that I was representing. I wanted these symbols to be recognizable yet also interesting in color and pattern.”

Texas; Carrie Chan @aperfectsomething

Artist Carrie Chan mentioned while doing research for this project, she learned that each state has an official state gem or stone. She loves doing geometric and abstract painting, so this proved to be the perfect theme for each of the shoes she designed. The state gems and stones painted are each so unique in color, patterns, textures, and shape which mirrors what Carrie sees in our country; the idea that we are all diverse and unique in our own ways, but each just as beautiful as one another.


The adidas UltraBOOST X is available now for $180 on in six colors including triple white, mystery blue, trace pink, core black, clear grey and glow orange.


Photo provided by adidas.