Vancouver Biennale

The 3rd Vancouver Biennale exhibition began Spring 2014. We’re expanding to new cities, broadening our program to include a wider range of artistic disciplines, and inviting an unprecedented mix of famous and emerging artists from around the world to participate in a two-year celebration of great contemporary art, freely accessible to people where they live, work, play and transit. The mandate of the Vancouver Biennale is to exhibit great art in public space and use it as a catalyst for learning and social action.


The curatorial theme of the exhibition is Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver. Unique in the world for its natural beauty, Vancouver becomes the international hub where artists from all nations, cultural backgrounds, political histories and artistic disciplines gather to celebrate art in public space. Together we inspire creativity, transform thinking and find our interconnectedness as global citizens through art.

Start Date

July 1, 2016

End Date

July 31, 2016


12:00 PM - 12:00 AM


290 West 3rd Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 1G1

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