The Art of Entrepreneurship

In today’s world, artists and entrepreneurs have much in common. Both are creating something out of nothing; imagining a reality which doesn’t yet exist and working to get others to subscribe to their vision. Artists must embrace the tools of entrepreneurship in order to promote themselves, and conversely, entrepreneurs would do well to think like artists.

On Thursday September 26th, we will sit down with a diverse panel of female artists from different disciplines including theater, music, dance and the visual arts, to discuss how they have adopted an entrepreneurial mindset in order to market themselves and their work

.Women of Culture Founder, Alexandra Harper, will moderate of the discussion, and social branding adviser and keynote speaker, Jasmine Sandler, will provide actionable tips to help both artists and entrepreneurs build their personal brands and online presence. Panelists include Princess Lockerooo (from So You Think You Can Dance), Hazy Mae, Carol Lester, Jessica Schechter and Rosemary Loar.

Whether you are an emerging or established artist, aspiring business owner, full-fledged entrepreneur or an ambitious intra-preneur, you will gain valuable insights from this inspiring and educational evening and will leave with a better understanding of the art of entrepreneurship. Plus drinks, snacks and plenty of opportunity to network with fellow WonderWomen and Women of Culture, all in the beautiful 3rd floor lounge at Luminary, a collaborative hub for women to develop, collaborate and connect.

$45 through 9/17 at midnight; $50 thereafter

Start Date

September 26, 2019

End Date

September 26, 2019


06:00 PM - 08:30 PM


1204 Broadway

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