Targetti Light Art Collection: "Light Art"

On May 3, 2018, SL Gallery presents Light Art, an exhibition of select works from the prestigious Targetti Light Art Collection in collaboration with O’Blaney Rinker & Associates.

The exhibition consists of two pieces from the Targetti Light Art Collection, “Laboratorio” by Fabrizio Corneli and “Girl With Ice Cream” by Aleksandra Stratimirovic. Although vastly different in medium and interpretation of the subject, both pieces demonstrate the idea that light exists and is defined by the non-light; an eternal balancing process where light and non-light define one another. In both cases, the artworks express sophisticated concepts using the language of light with practically zero technology involved. Corneli and Stratimirovic rely on their intelligence and sensitivity to explain a complex idea in the clearest way; the artists are training viewers to see with their brain rather than their eye.

“Light Art” at 335 West 38th Street, remains on view through June 15, 2018. The opening event is free- PLEASE RSVP via the link provided!

Start Date

May 3, 2018

End Date

May 3, 2018


05:00 PM - 08:30 PM


335 W 38 Street

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