Living Under the Canopy

The Anthony Horth Gallery presents “Living Under the Canopy”, an exhibit that features photography of unspoiled landscape, large mixed media drawings of endangered animals, and a selection of paintings, drawings, and prints of forest landscapes. This show will be on display from January 21st until the end of February 2019 in the Anthony Horth Gallery at 156 Wooster Street in Soho, NYC. The show’s opening event will take place on February 7th.
[Soho, Manhattan, NY, Jan 21st 2019]

​​ The Anthony Horth gallery in Soho, NYC launches a group art show titled “Living Under the Canopy.” Showcasing the work of renowned landscape photographer Anthony Horth, large mixed media drawings by artist Russ Ronat, and a collection of paintings and prints from Marcelo Daldoce, the show aims to communicate conservation issues through the use of art.

In his Mother Earth Aqua exhibition, Anthony Horth focuses on unspoiled, beautiful landscapes from Peru, Brazil and Australia. His latest project documents remote regions of the world’s waterways. Horth’s sweeping landscapes capture a sense of a moment and place on the planet untouched by human activity.

Russ Ronat’s drawings and video work show the fragility of many species of endangered animals, highlighting issues such as deforestation, habitat loss, poaching, and anthropogenic climate change. This work, titled “Project Holocene,” has been on view in zoos and museums in the US and Asia.

Marcelo Daldoce’s watercolors, drawings, and prints depict forests all over the world. His work highlights the beauty of forest landscapes, and reminds us of the powerful role that they play not only in the world’s ecosystems, but also in our collective imagination. Daldoce’s forest’s have been featured in museums in Austria and Brazil, as well as in group exhibits internationally.

Through showcasing these pieces, the artists hope to use their art to not only raise awareness about environmental issues, but also to demonstrate the beauty and fragility of these natural landscapes and the creatures that call them home.

The Anthony Horth gallery is located at 156 Wooster Street, NY, NY 1001 and features the work of landscape photographer Anthony Horth
If you would like more information, please contact the Anthony Horth Gallery at 1 646 858 0276

Start Date

February 7, 2019

End Date

June 7, 2019


06:30 PM - 09:30 PM


156 Wooster Street, NY, NY, 10012

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