Le Deuce Mason Saltarrelli and Bill Saylor

Whether it is translated as a dice throw of two, a tied playing field, or even as a euphemism for the devil; Le Deuce playfully outlines the shared creative spirit and artistic energy between Mason Saltarrelli and Bill Saylor. Both New York City artists, Saylor and Saltarrelli explore abstraction as a means to define space and create atmospheric backdrops for graffiti-like scrawls, recurring motifs and highly personalized symbols. Strange creatures, cartooned figures and disembodied faces float in and out of focus in compositions that create the suggestion of narrative while still remaining elusive.

Start Date

October 13, 2017

End Date

November 12, 2017


12:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Shrine Gallery, 191 Henry Street, New York, NY

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