Ivy Haldeman: “Pulp” at Simuvac Projects

Simuvac Projects is pleased to present Ivy Haldeman: “Pulp,” opening Friday, July 15. Join us for a reception with the artist from 6-9pm.


The works in this exhibition depict a figure in attitudes of repose. Each piece explores the expressions and gestures of a body, in reflection or relaxation, at a time when bodies and the interiors they express have become a political matter.
Several of these paintings also explore how the reader and her body are always held in visual tension. The act of reading entails a disappearance of the reader into the text, even as her arms, legs, and other appendages remain immutably present. In taking hold of her body and the objects around her, she seizes back some control over her form. In her case, this form has been shaped and re-shaped many times over.
These works are painted with acrylic, a plastic. When I was a kid, my grandfather was a salesman for a plastic’s company. On occasion, he would bring me freebies from work. The most memorable was a pink plastic suitcase, with pink latches that would snap shut. This suitcase, were I to slice through its surface, would reveal a homogeneous interior; I would find only more pink plastic.

Start Date

July 15, 2016

End Date

September 4, 2016


11:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Simuvac Projects, 99 Norman Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222

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