"Dearly Beloveds" by Lynne Mayocole at Ceres Gallery

Ceres Gallery is pleased to present Dearly Beloveds, a two-part exhibition of new work by Lynne Mayocole. The new series of ceramics and mixed-media photographs within Dearly Beloveds function as a form of mourning while celebrating the joy of survival.

The first part of Dearly Beloveds consists of small figures on biers, each holding a single oversized bloom. The second part of this exhibition features two wall-mounted weather reliefs, titled “RedRain Silver Lining” and “Shaky Weather,” that represent the middle ground between sorrow and celebration. Along with five photographs mounted on canvas, the black-and-white images within the series titled “Body Vine” are overlaid with colorful paintings of flowers. Mayocole also presents a riveting photographic portrait titled “Cover Me (Anonymous)” that shows an oversize standing nude figure wearing an “anonymous” mask.

Dearly Beloveds is Lynne Mayocole’s first exhibition that combines two and three dimensional imagery. As her most personal statement of life translated into art, Mayocole continues to build on her powerful presence that has been known throughout the art world for over three decades.
Lynne Mayocole is a sculptor who grew up in a family of artists. She studied at the Art Students League and worked as an assistant to Nat Kaz. Mayocole received her MA in Sculpture from Teacher’s College, which owns one of her early stone sculptures. Her work has been known for connecting sculpture with story telling and has appeared frequently throughout New York City and beyond. Mayocole is an active member of the National Arts Club and the Century Association. She is the former President and Program Director of Artists Talk on Art (ATOA).

Start Date

May 2, 2019

End Date

May 2, 2019


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


547 West 27th Street #201 New York, NY 10001

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