A Romantic Comedy

Wallplay is pleased to present Sophia Sobers and Steven Pestana’s A Romantic Comedy. This 16,000 sq ft exhibition group exhibition explores romance in the 2020s through immersive installations, sculptures both miniature and gigantic, and vibrant, sometimes monumental paintings bursting with color and movement.

Situated at 25 Kent, a new construction just off the Williamsburg waterfront, the artwork in A Romantic Comedy casts a playful eye on with ideas of courtship (what society presents to the world versus what is hidden), domesticity, online dating, and the workplace.

The exhibition features over 50 works of art created by over 28 international and local artists including Andrew W. Allison, Kajahl Benes, Sammy Bennett, Joe Bochynski, Adam David Brown, Lauren Comito, Victoria Crayhon, Sandra Erbacher, Kevin Frances, Garrett Gould, Kay Healy, Kyle Hittmeier, Jared Hoffman, Jon Laustsen, AJ Liberto, Haley Matis-Uzzo, Cleo Miao, Holly McGraw, Amanda Nedham, Caleb Nussear, Barbara Rink, Megan Stroech, Amanda Thackray, Estefania Velez, Justin Wood, Andrew Woolbright, and Tianyi Zhang.

A Romantic Comedy is curated as a three-part, multifaceted narrative writ large. The first portion of the show imagines the flights and tolls of romantic fantasy. The second half of the show explores the images and accoutrements of domesticity and the shared abode – wallpaper, bathtubs, and house plants. The third and final portion investigates the invisible logics of romantic union, from the hidden architectures of the workplace and home, to the facades of social engagement which cloud the line between consent and coercion, and the abstract complexity of the senses.

A Romantic Comedy will be on view at 25 Kent located at 25 Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11249 through March 31, 2020 with an opening event on Wednesday March 4th, 2020 from 6PM – 9PM.

Start Date

March 4, 2020

End Date

March 31, 2020


11:00 AM - 07:00 PM


25 Kent Ave, Brooklyn NY 11249

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