4/17 Rachel Rossin: Boohoo Stamina at Magenta Plains

Magenta Plains is pleased to present an installation by Rachel Rossin, Boohoo Stamina, on April 17 through May 22.

Rachel Rossin is a NY-based multimedia artist and self taught programmer. Considered a pioneer of VR art, she synthesizes traditional art-making techniques such as painting and sculpture with new technology, examining the boundaries between the hyper-real and imaginary. Boohoo Stamina consists of new body of paintings and programmed electronic sculptures that consider the psychological mechanisms of processing loss and self-repair through the lens of technology. By merging painting with VR, holographic displays and AI, the exhibition asks: in the constellation of emotional stamina, does technology act more like a scaffold, splint or graft?

In Boohoo Stamina, Rossin suspends digital holograms onto static paintings, drawing imagery from her own 3D digital asset archive which she has been developing since the age thirteen. The hologram paintings function as tone poems, intended to inspire viewers to imagine or consider scenes, images, specific ideas or moods, and encourage literary, pictorial and dramatic associations. Symbols and avatars used such as harpies and the caduceus staff of Hermes are continually iterated to create her own personal mythology. With the interjection of this ephemeral hologram element, Rossin enhances the plasticity of the painting through the viewer’s experience of the durational present moment.

Appointments are encouraged, but not required. Appointments can be made via SeeSaw Map or https://appointments.seesawmap.com/book/24310/

Magenta Plains
94 Allen St, NY, NY 100012
Tuesday – Saturday: 11am -6pm

Start Date

April 17, 2021

End Date

May 22, 2021


11:00 AM - 06:00 PM


94 Allen Street, NY, NY 10002

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