Chappy, the gay dating app that champions choice and aims to improve the gay dating culture, has partnered with 15 local artists to create their “ Dress that D” campaign just in time for Halloween.The campaign is supporting Housing Works and promoting safe sex in a fun and artistic way. Notable artists such as Baron Von Fancy and Jessica Walsh are some of the artists participating in the campaign, which will feature the artists’ vision as they believe that ‘D’ should be dressed. While some artists took an abstract approach, others such as Baron Von Fancy went more literal with a condom package in his signature script siting “No love without the glove.”


Check out some of our favorites below!


Baron Von Fancy | instagram @baronvonfancy



Blazo Calovic | instagram @xblazo



Grand Chamaco | instagram @grand_chamaco




Helga Stentzel | instagram @made_by_helga



Rooney | instagram @heyrooney




John McLaughlin | instagram @jhnmclghln



Leander Aßmann | instagram @leanderassman


images // courtesy of Chappy and artists

top image // Jessica Walsh