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Check Out the Newest Artists & Fleas Location in Soho

If you’ve been to Chelsea Market, you’ve inevitably passed by a place called Artists & Fleas. Most likely, you’ve stopped in to explore and perhaps found some interesting trinkets. Maybe, if you’re an Artists & Fleas enthusiast, you’ve even been to the Williamsburg location opened on weekends. Well, in case you haven’t already heard, a brand new Artists & Fleas has recently opened in SOHO, and its reputation may even surpass that of its two older siblings.


Artists & Fleas SOHO is filled with a diverse mix ranging from independent artists and designers to vintage collectors. While some vendors will remain constant at this location, others are on a biweekly rotation, making it all the more fun due to its unpredictable nature. You will always be able to find something different and new to enjoy at this SOHO location.


Here are some of our favorites so far:



This place is a vintage shoppers dream! Here you will find tons of unique jewelry and clothing dating from the 1940’s to the 80’s. The jewelry collection is what impressed us most. This store is the perfect place to score some classic, one of a kind bling to take your outfit to the next level.


NYC Recycling Maps

Looking for some rad new art to brighten up the walls of your apartment? Here’s where you should buy it. NYC Recycling Maps, based out of DOJO Studios in Brooklyn, uses silkscreen techniques as well as spray paint and stenciling to create their work. And, the best part: all of their prints are created on top of old New York maps. With every one of these maps, you get a little taste of old New York in the background of thoughtful and colorful artwork – not to mention the maps are recycled.


Laser Eye – NoDá Design Studio

Visit this shop to check out some original laser cut wood products. All are custom designed and hand finished in Brooklyn’s very own NoDá Design Studios. Appreciate the craftsmanship invested into each and every phone case, gadget, and other accessories. This store seems to be dedicated to creating high quality, thoughtful products for every client.


Soap For Sinners

Soap for Sinners is a store everyone needs to visit. From all-natural soaps to candles, to bath salts, this store contains all that is necessary for a little aromatherapy and cleansing. Try a sample of their “Stress Less” essential oil mixture, or smell a couple of candles while you visit the booth. Soap for Sinners uses eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic techniques to produce their merchandise; their end goal is to make products that restore healthy skin and maintain a clear, healthy mind.



WISHLIST ALERT! These purses, wallets, and accessories are all original and fabulous. Min&Mon is a recently begun, New York-based business started by three friends who set out wanting to create unique accessories and they did just that. Decorated with their signature eyeball and octopus motifs, Min&Mon accessories are guaranteed to make a statement paired with the outfits of fashionistas everywhere.


Rhea Kulcsar

After speaking with Rhea, the artist behind the jewelry above, we developed an appreciation for the love and effort that goes into each one of her jewelry designs. Each beautiful, dainty piece seems to have a story behind it, just like the wonderful woman who made them all. Visit her shop at Artists & Fleas SOHO and later check out her website to read the story about how Rhea Kulcsar began her jewelry journey.


Artist & Fleas SOHO

568 Broadway @ Prince St.
Mon – Sat 10AM – 8PM
Sun 11AM – 8PM