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American Impressionism Comes To Life At The New York Botanical Gardens

Anyone who lives in the city of New York is aware of the hustle of the city, the vivacity, and vibrancy of its everyday life. Living in this megacity requires something back from its residents, it requires energy, zest, hunger for life and success. Let’s be honest; we love it. We love to feel part of this fast moving wheel that is New York.


On occasion, however, even the most energetic of us feels the need for a getaway – even if momentary. Plenty of us New Yorkers love to live within the confines of Manhattan, and to stay within its limits – maybe occasionally we dare venture to Brooklyn, and so a trip to the Bronx seemed a bit farfetched. We should embrace the idea of a mini adventure further north; and so at Art Zealous, we made our way to the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Was it worth it? Yes.




The New York Botanical Garden is turning 125 years old this weekend, and so its was time to check out an early viewing of the “Impressionism: American Gardens on Canvas” exhibit. Walking into the garden was like stepping outside of New York, outside of the Bronx. The sound of traffic suddenly disappears, and the artistry of nature appears before your eyes.


The Impressionism exhibit was a demonstration of nostalgia, of the softness of the gilded age. Curator Linda S. Ferber described it as “entering a timeless realm;” a sort of “social refinement that accompanies the experience of nature.” It was a beautiful way to describe something that we might otherwise take for granted. Art that may have been forgotten by our newer generation and is worth a fresh look. The art was a celebration of a visible past; and so after looking at the impressionist paintings, actually walking into the gardens felt like stepping into these paintings.




It gives any creative type a sudden shot of inspired energy. It may sound geared towards your grandmother’s garden, but to nature lovers the NYBG team is putting in the effort to reach younger audiences. Audiences will be able to appreciate the artistry it takes to put together beautiful garden compositions.


This summer, the NYBG is promising to deliver fun cocktail nights and live music. So get it together New Yorkers! What sounds more bohemian and different than an evening at the New York Botanical Gardens, sipping cocktails, and listening to live music while looking at flowers?