Fresh, interesting and crisp work can be hard to come by, but is something that we all want for our walls.


Here we bring you 6 exciting artists working with beautiful aesthetics, thought-provoking concepts and disparate mediums.


Craig Callison

thigh master 5
Thigh Master 5 – Craig Callison

Framed in a beautiful blue painted wooden frame, this print jumped straight out at us. What appears to be piping is actually exercising apparatus, and we’re sure if it always looked this good, we might hit the gym more often.


Ryan Mrozowski

Untitled (Orange) - Ryan Mrozowski
Untitled (Orange) – Ryan Mrozowski

Mrozowski’s work is extremely aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, we just want to fall into a soft bed of his imagery. His work has a repetitive nature, with endless variations on a theme – sometimes paradoxical, sometimes literal, and never failing to please the eye.


Emilie Selden

Rotation, Revolution - Emilie Selden
Rotation, Revolution – Emilie Selden

Selden’s paintings are produced within a world where pixels, commodities, pop culture, and abstraction all come together to create these beautiful works. These works ask the question: what makes one object more valuable than another? The collection of ideas behind the piece create wonderfully interesting and beautifully complex works that invite the viewer in for a closer look.


Math Bass

Math Bass - Newz!
Math Bass – Newz!

Bass’s work is based on highly stylized sign painting. The repetitive nature of the imagery, including cigarettes, matches, and crocodiles, become recognizable when placed within the contrasted context of each other. There is something incredibly powerful about the use of the raw canvas with the clean lines created with paint, and we absolutely love them.


Crys Yin

Ham Vase Cup Bong, Everything is Exactly the Same – Crys Yin

Yin’s work references memory, but not in a direct way – Yin prefers to distort memories visually, predominantly in shape and size. The way in which we remember things can often be warped and Yin captures these moments in often humorous ways, with striking and uncomplicated visuals.


Dan Flanagan

Dan Flanagan
Dan Flanagan

In a recent series called ‘The Wiggles’, Flanagan uses minimal lines and often singular color palettes to play with the idea of gender. The works are something of an illusion, and it can be minutes until the subtle, yet glaring genitalia works it’s way into your consciousness.