Cordelia Noe is a Hong Kong based art girl who is the Founder of The Art Gorgeous. When not in Hong Kong, you can find Ms. Noe taking meetings and visiting local galleries in Berlin, her western hub. We managed to track her down to get the lowdown on TAG and pick her brain about fashion + art.


Art Zealous: What’s your background in the arts?
Cordelia Noe: I was working at a leading modern art gallery while at University and then I started working with Chinese art. Now I advise international collectors and institutions about talents from China.


AZ: Tell us how you came to start TAG
CN: The idea was in my mind for a while and somehow so obvious, so this time I just felt I needed to take it further. Art girls have an amazing style and fashion formula, which is sophistication and creativity meet style.


AZ: Who was your first feature when the website launched?
CN: A fabulous art blogger from Hong Kong, soon after Angelika Taschen


AZ: Your opinion on the intersection between art + fashion
CN: It’s getting so much more powerful by the day, but must be carefully curated/handled so it doesn’t come off superficial and creates a meaningful synergy.


AZ: Favorite moment when art + fashion collided?
CN: Crazy and cool studio outfits of artists, an emerging painter on GQ China cover, thoughtful fashion house art initiatives e.g. Hugo Boss Asian Art Award. Other than that, I love to just look at people during Art Basel or Frieze Vernissage!


AZ: Favorite artists?
CN: I still have a crush on Chinese art – Liu Yes Miffy, Sebastian Neeb from Berlin (I love his golden ceramic trophies and wooden sausages) and Zoe Buckman.


AZ: What is your morning routine?
CN: 10 minutes of instagram, then I try to check and answer my first batch of emails before our little son is awake, then I’ll have some hot ginger water.


AZ: Art world tastemaker or influencer you admire
CN: Anyone who stays grounded even if  they are really successful or well-known. There are luckily a lot of strong and smart art world ladies out there. Jewish Museum’s JiaJia Fei or London based collector Valeria Napoleone.


AZ: What’s the most recent piece of artwork you bought?
CN: I just bought an Italian vintage lamp and a very old African carpet. My wishlist is long…


AZ: Favorite art places?
CN: Artists studios – I love a direct chat. And collectors homes can be quite exciting, too!


AZ: How can we follow you?

CN: and
insta: the_art_gorgeous // the_art_gent