The Netherlands happens to be one of our favorite countries. The food, museums, coffee shops and yes, the art. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, we came across Dutch artist Lynn Spoor. Living just outside Amsterdam in IJmuiden, a coastal town dominated by the steel industry and the North Sea, Lynn draws her inspiration from her surroundings. She also has a killer instagram. We caught up with Spoor to discuss her childhood, future plans and advice for young artists.


Art Zealous: You live in IJmuiden, a coastal town, what is it about living by the water that inspires you?

Lynn Spoor: My art is inspired by many elements and colours which evolve around me, all influenced by my country, my environment, my family, my home, my friends, my clients and my fans. IJmuiden, though industrial, is the entrance to the Amsterdam Harbour, bringing the world to my footsteps, carrying opportunities for me riding on the roughness of the sea and the unpredictability of the waves mixing with the warmth of the sand and the whispers of the waters as they break onto its shores. The beautiful colours of the tulips inspire the senses of my imagination turning my canvas into a floral sensation reflecting a karma derived from the four seasons of life. 


AZ: What do you love about living in Amsterdam?

LS: Amsterdam is a beautiful inspirational city from its buildings to its mix of people, to its streets, its bicycles, and canals and overall its culture. There is a creative, positive vibe everywhere if you walk down the canals or the streets. Amsterdam is the heart of art with many galleries, museums, and interesting architectural buildings. I just love it. It is the center for creativity, the center of my heart. With its 200 different nationalities, it offers a great variety of restaurants, shops and a large number of different religions. It is a cozy city. It is home for inspiration and love.


AZ: Describe your studio process in 3 words

LS: Passion, music and wild.




AZ: Drink of choice?

LS: Something fresh, sweet and strong. I love cocktails with berries and mint!


AZ: Astrological sign?

LS: I am born on July 7, so my astrological sign is a Cancer. I am known to be passionate, creative, adventurer, philosophical expressive and dreamy.


AZ: Where did you grow up?

LS: I grew up in Velsen in the Netherlands. It is located on both sides of the North Sea Canal. My hometown is very calming,  surrounded by beaches, dunes, beautiful parks; and within a half an hour drive you indulge into the streets of Amsterdam. 


AZ: Do you remember your first exposure to the arts?

LS: My exposure to art started at an early age at elementary school. I took great interest in art history and painting lessons. I became very passionate about masters in the arts including different styles and mediums of paint. I was inspired by great Dutch artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer to name a few. Their influence on me drove my passion and feelings for art.


My first experience concentrated on drawing portraits of people as I felt them. I then moved on and found my freedom in abstractions. From exact imitation of external reality, I have evolved to create a less representational visual language. Anonymous, sometimes obscured, often mysterious faces express my personal reality filtered through feelings and emotions. Exploring the interior processes of my life, I often create-series, enabling a dynamic interplay between the canvasses and their vibrant colors. In my recent paintings, I have made a more or less complete retreat from representation. Reflecting my energy and state of mind when painting, color will take precedence over shape, departing from the distraction of realism.




AZ: What is your dream collaboration?

LS: Finding the master who will drive my passion to become an acclaimed international Dutch artist. 


AZ: Any advice for young artists?

LS: Do what you like, and people will respect you. Be who you are and show your purity. Your creativity will attract people’s attention. So be creative, give it your full inner-self. Show your purity, your passion, your shyness, your wild moments and creativity. Personal experiences differ from one person to another; this is the uniqueness of human artists.


Be ready to fail. You have to fail to know who you are and know your strengths and potential. Take calculated risks, out of the box to portray your uniqueness. Creativity needs nourishment, give it your heart and express it loud with colours! Inspiration flows with your moods, accept the ups and downs. Do not let them overpower you. Some days intuition does not flow. Wait for the right moment will come because you are an artist. It is all about feelings, about moments, about experiences that come naturally to you.


Believe in yourselfI read a very interesting quote from Buddha; ‘’All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become’’. What I will say is, if you have a goal, just go for it. It is important to be motivated as an artist because there are many of artists who want the same as you want. Realize your potential, realize your difference, be unique because you are.




AZ: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

LS: The future is limitless and timeless. In addition to creating new artwork, I am eyeing the design and art industries. Soon I will uncover a new line in the fashion/design industry. Exciting and inspirational works are coming!


You can check out Spoor’s upcoming group show, King Woman at Pen + Brush, opening Oct. 12th  and on view until Dec. 9th, 2017. Pen + Brush, 29 E 22nd St, New York City

All images courtesy of the artist