The innovative minds of artists serve as daily inspiration for us at Art Zealous – whether we see those works in a gallery, museum or even on Instagram. Nowadays, advancements in technology seem to equate to new forms of creativity in the art world. Since National Techie Day is this week, we thought we would take some time to recommend the Instagram accounts of a few artists who consistently use technology in the creation of their works.


Evan Roth (@evanroth_)

Evan Roth’s “Landscapes” installation (pictured above) is a series of red-filtered videos that were filmed in locations at which trans-Atlantic fiber optic cables carrying the Internet emerge from the ocean. Each video, topped with fragmented audio and static, is hosted online from a server that is located in the same country or city where it was recorded. Each title is the GPS coordinate of the footage location, which doubles as a URL on which the video plays. Roth’s Instagram account, ready for your contemplation, gives his followers a peek into these videos.


Rus Khasanov (@ruskhasanov)

Khasanov uses a macro video lens to document the movement of paint, from which a harmony between art and science emerges. His “Over Your Skin” project captures the way in which metallic and fluorescent paints interact with the folds and ridges of his skin. The abstract close-up videos, as drops of paint mix with water, are downright hypnotic.


Yoko Shimizu (@yokoshimizuart)

Contemporary artist and biotechnology researcher Yoko Shimizu combines science and art in her biology-inspired installations. Her posts give insight into her biotech work, from an exhibition of flowers that defy gravity and “graffiti in a petri dish” to using thin layers of membrane to cultivated “bio-speakers” (above) and extracting color from leaves.


Doug Aitken (@dougaitkenworkshop)

There is a visceral appeal to Aitken’s work, as they feel otherworldly yet oddly familiar. His posts often combine sound, visual art and documentation of immersive experiences.


James Turrell (@jamesturell)

Leave it to James Turrell to put a pop of color into your day. The lights in the art-world darling’s posts are refreshing, colorful and inviting.


top image // @evanroth_