What is the art of ceramics? To those who don’t know, ceramics is playful creation that takes time, patience, and skill. It’s all about your hands, making something practical into something beautiful. From vases, bowls, and fine china to vessels, pots and figures, ceramics is a whole world in and of itself. Next time you get the chance, try sitting on the potters wheel and go at it, it’s much harder than you’d think but some have managed to master this art. It’s a big world in the land of ceramics, and ceramicists in 2016 are popping up just about everywhere: here are 5 to look out for.


1. Dana Bechert

Photo Courtesy of Artists Page
Photo Courtesy of Artists Page


If you’re into geometric patterns, Dana Bechert is your girl. Having graduated with a degree in sculpture in 2012, she has been developing her own ceramics line since then. Straight lines and abstracted geometric patterns cover her vases, planters, and funnels that she free-hands to create her intricate pieces. She finds inspiration through the Acoma Pueblo style of Native American Pottery.


2. Brooke T. Winfrey

image // courtesy of BTW Ceramics


Btw… BTW Ceramics is in the works.  Based in Brooklyn, BTW started off as a line of striped dinnerware and is now making its way to becoming a contemporary ceramics line. There is beauty in imperfection, and BTW makes that statement clear through the pieces Winfrey creates. As BTW says, “Embrace the Irregular”, so checkout this ceramics line and embrace YOUR irregular.


3. The Haas Brothers

Photo Courtesy of HAAS BROTHERS


The Haas Brothers are the kings of texture. Their peculiar looking sculptures pop with color and detail. Unmistakable, the Haas Brothers ceramic work brings adventure and life to today’s modern ceramics world. Playful but intriguing, the two brothers run the HAAS BROTHERS company and are based in downtown LA. From globular looking sculptures to candleholders and lamps, these two are doing just about everything in their practice.


4. Margaret Haden

image // courtesy of artist


Margaret Haden‘s pieces move with the fluidity; alive and enormous, these vessels catch your eye in a second. Patterned and detailed, Haden’s pieces look like morsels of coral taken straight out of the ocean. Her hand is undetectable. A graduate of Alfred University, this Californian native is currently living the bicoastal life.


5. K+R

Photo Courtesy of artist page

Kat Hutter and Roger Lee are artists, collaborators and find inspiration in the places they lived. The two met in college and have created pieces that are influenced by their California lifestyle. Archaic with a pop, the ceramic works K+R make are the artifacts of our modern era. Brimming with color and patterns that look so natural, you would think they dug these pieces up years ago. Their cup collection is to die for, you can’t miss out on these two!