What do you get for someone when the cliché gifts just won’t do? Keep reading to find out. To help you save your time and energy, we’ve rounded up a list of gift ideas for the picky art lover in your life.


From $10

Great Nudes Mug ($13.95, Unemployed Philosophers Guild)

Photo // courtesy of Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Add a hot beverage and the mug will reveal masterpieces of beautiful human forms. No one wants to see Olympia’s dress.

People I Want To Draw Nudes ($15, Whitney)

Photo // courtesy of Whitney

A pocket book that is useful to capture your favorite pose of each other. It will bring romance and laughter on Valentine’s Day.



USB Cassette Mixtape ($16.99, The Original MASHTAPE)

Photo // courtesy of The Original MASHTAPE

Before Spotify playlist, we used to give our crushes carefully curated cassette mixtape. This 8GB hard drive will let you do the same in 2017, and it’s compatible with any device.



Maurizio Cattelan x Pierpaolo Ferrari Plate I Love You ($19, Shoptoiletpaper)

Photo // courtesy of Shoptoiletpaper

Nothing screams out your love like this metal plate. Perfect for your quirky and cool art lover.



Artists in Love: From Picasso & Gilot to Christo & Jeanne-Claude

A Century of Creative and Romantic Partnerships ($19.95, Veronica Kavas)

Photo // courtesy of Veronica Kavas

An art book that beautifully untangles twenty-nine famous art couples’ love stories, accompanied by artists’ masterpieces.



Tickets to the art fairs of his/her dream ($25 – price varied)

Photo // courtesy of BFA and The Armory Show 2016

Why not give your art lover a ticket to an art fair? Or get two so that you can both go together!



Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle ($34, Museum of Sex)

Photo // courtesy of Museum of Sex

This candle is made out of non-toxic and all-natural ingredients. It moisturizes your skin and relaxes your body and soul.



Izola Flask ($34, Izola)

Photo // courtesy of Izola

You’ve never had trouble getting the bartender’s attention, but sometimes what you are looking for isn’t on the shelf…



From $50

Membership of his/her favorite museum ($50 – price varied)

Photo // courtesy of Whitney Museum

Many museums offer different levels of membership, which give you options to choose the one that suits your art lover the best.



Love Is Art – Couple’s Paint Kit ($70, Love Is Art)

Photo // courtesy of Love Is Art

This paint is for couples who want to make art on canvas or each other’s body. Los Is Art also sells DIY stretch bar set that will only take you 20 minutes to stretch the canvas after your artwork is completed.



The Love Collection ($90 – price varied, J. Elster)

Photo // courtesy of J. Elster

Conceptual artist, designer and leather sculptor Jennifer Elster introduced “The Love Collection” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Each piece in The Love Collection serves as wearable art, making it the perfect gift for any lover of fashion and art. 


Dearly Departed Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate ($94.95, Vegan Treats Bakery)

Photo // courtesy of Vegan Treats Bakery

Vegan Treats Bakery is no doubt one of the most internet-famous bakeries in the world. Their gourmet chocolate is not only cool and fun but also very delicious. Each chocolate is hand-crafted in their kitchen by the award-winning chef, Danielle Konya.



From $100

Vases Covered ($100 – price varied, Uprise Art)

Photo // courtesy of Matthew Ward, Dana Bechert, Recreation Center, Pilar wiley

This is perfect for people who are looking for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Uprise Art offers same-day delivery in New York metro area. Even if your art lover has a pollen allergy, the vase is so beautiful that it is a work of art by itself.



“What Happened in Vegas” Pleasure Kit ($95 – 105, Ohh by Je Joue)

Photo // courtesy of ooh by je joue

Get the party started with this kit. Choose from three cities based on your love story. From the romantic “London Love-In”, modern fairytale “What Happens in Vegas” to exotic “Her Name is Rio”, there is something for everyone.



Photo Instant Print Phone Case ($129, Prynt)

Photo // courtesy of Prynt

If your art lover is a fan of photography or selfies, look no further. This phone case works like a Polaroid camera. It connects to your phone and print out pictures instantly with just one click.



Peep’s Paper Product x goop Lover’s Card Set ($165, Goop)

Photo // courtesy of Goop

This exclusive card set is reserved for lovers. We won’t ask what kind of games you play with this card.



From $200

Roseur Fine Roses ($229 – price varied, Roseur)

Photo // courtesy of Roseur

Roseur provides the largest and finest roses you can find in the world. All the roses are carefully picked, packaged, and beautifully designed for your Valentine. Yearly subscription and monthly delivery are also available upon request.



EO2 – digital display of art  ($299, EO2)

Photo // courtesy of EO2 and Artist Jack Vanzet

EO2 is changing the way people display art. Purchase art from the website and it will sync to the EO2 device. Having this digital device also makes it easier to rearrange the art collection in your apartment.



From $300

Dinner Coupe Set by Baron Von Fancy X Prospect ($315, Prospect NYC)

Photo // courtesy of Prospect

Baron Von Fancy‘s collaboration with Prospect has been a huge success. If you are too shy to express your love, this plate set will do the job.



Tracey Emin x Stephen Webster “I Promise to Love You” ($500 – price varied, Stephen Webster)

Photo // courtesy of Stephen Webster

Designer Stephen Webster knows that not everyone can afford Tracey Emin‘s neon artworks. So he transformed his friend’s art into a new jewelry collection, “I Promise to Love You.” You can find many Tracey Emin’s beautiful handwriting on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.