If you’re a parent, you’ve probably done a pretty good job infusing your personality into your living room or dining room, but what about your kids’ room? There seems to be an uptick in sourcing great artwork for little human’s rooms, and we’re all about it. From prints and multiples at an accessible price point to unique original works, art is a great way to encourage your child’s imagination. If you don’t want to $20,000 to spend on artwork for your kids’ room (and yes, people are doing that), then the below artworks are for you!


1. Jim Houser | website



2. Amanda Visell | website



3. Alexander Girard | website



4. Crystal Liu | website



5. Deanne Cheuk | website



6. Gary Baseman | website



7. Nikki McClure | website



8. Debbie Carlos | website



9. Rachel Castle | website



10. Louise Kyriakou | website



11. Present and Correct | website



12. Tiffany Bozic | website


top image // tinyironfists.com