CJ Hendry at The Trophy Room

at The Trophy Room

Photos // Sunny Norton

On Thursday 3rd of November, CJ Hendry made her American debut in New York City with an opening party for her latest series, The Trophy Room. VIP invitees were sent a chrome, metal credit card invitation with the the location to be revealed at a later date.  The location was later revealed to be at a retail, townhouse space at 79 Greene St, in SoHo. 


On arrival guests were greeted by Hennessy cocktails, G.H Mumm champagne and Voss sparkling water. The crowd explored the first level of Trophy Room images and wall sculptures, and the 13ft inflatable Mr Potato Head, before heading upstairs to a carpeted room with leather couches. CJ’s hyperrealistic pen drawings dominated all of the spaces and kept guests intrigued by their intricacy and scale.


Guests included Surf Lodge’s Randy Scott, gallerist Emerald Guin, Cole Cook, the Ridinger family, and Paul Rosenberg, owner of Shady Records.

The Trophy Room will be open to the public from 11am – 6pm daily, November 4 to November 20.



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