yecandy Bulimia- World premier private screening by Zoom the 17th of April 5:00pm Paris time 8:00am PST

: Eyecandy Bulimia is a filmed documentation of a Performance
Art Piece, first performed at the Wild Weekend Music festival in Majorca, Spain in 2019.
The film is a historical overview of “Lowbrow” an Underground art movement that flourished in California in the 1990’s and early 2000’s
It is told from three points of view, showing why it was, and remains marginal.
1. a critic, who hates the movement, and is dismissive and a total snob. She rejects “Lowbrow” on the grounds of it being retroactive and popular.
2. an artist who defends her confrères, using examples from art history finds all the ways
to contradict the critic.
3. a guru who tells us how to find hope and courage to carry on, despite elitist systems
and fortress mentality. She also gives examples of protest art and the power of DIY.

Start Date

April 17, 2021

End Date

April 17, 2021


05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


51 Blvd August Blanqui Hall A

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