With Her Clothes On

“A series of work showcasing feminine sexuality in a different light. The fabrics and materials we dress our skin in, to take us to new places, higher heights and powerful movements play a bigger role in our daily lives than we tend to give them credit for. It’s the threading of this very fabric that I believe should be celebrated for not only being part of the journey but for supporting us in ways that go unseen.
Women are powerful, incredible beings. But it’s no secret that we are often marketed scantily clad, and taught that if we don’t present ourselves in a desirable fashion, then we won’t be listened to. I’m interested in changing that story. We can still maintain a sense of power and likability without depreciating our self-worth and subscribing to the false notions that we are less than anyone else. What if the idea of “sexy” takes on a new meaning? Please join me in this celebration and assemblage for the future of femininity and the evolution of power.”

Start Date

June 6, 2017

End Date

June 10, 2017


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


The Highline Loft

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