“Wanderlust” by Valentin Carron, Matt Johnson & Mike Nelson at The High Line

Wanderlust is a group exhibition that explores the themes of walking, journeys, and pilgrimages. Inspired by the High Line as an ambulatory space experienced most naturally in motion, Wanderlust extends the tradition of Conceptual art wherein the act of walking served as an inspiration for many artists who explored life both in the urban context and in an ambivalent confrontation with nature.


On the High Line, itself an urban promenade that combines nature and architecture, the act of walking is both celebrated and taken for granted. Wanderlust invites viewers to remember the many implications of the journeys and walks they take every day, placing them within a secular tradition that expands beyond art into both everyday life and our shared cultural histories.

Start Date

April 21, 2016

End Date

March 1, 2017


07:00 AM - 10:00 PM


The High Line, New York

Event Type

More Information

303 Gallery  //  The High Line Art



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