VIP Opening Party of CJ Hendry at The Trophy Room

CJ Hendry, known for her hyperrealistic pen on paper drawings and cult social media following, will present her latest exhibition, The Trophy Room on November 3, 2016 at 79 Greene Street, New York. This exhibition will be her first in New York City.


The Trophy Room is a lesson in icon worship, elevating the easily ­recognizable and highly­coveted consumerist goods that bring us joy. A self confessed brand coveteur, CJ Hendry places her meticulously­ drawn renderings of brand­name objects on literal pedestals, where they are represented as trophies and presented to viewers as items of worship – a sign of the increasing prominence of today’s cult of consumerism. Continuing the tradition of pure Pop Art style, these icons are bestowed the charm and prestige of Fine Art.


Hendry’s process touches upon our deep, often emotional connections to consumer items in a whimsical way ­ artifacts from our past, objects we exhibit great attachment to, possessions we covet for social status, among others. This consumer cult mentality is personal to Hendry, and drawing these objects is a way for her to process and mask her own vices. This inspection of icons in relation to Hendry represents her lifelong obsession with luxury and otherwise highly­covetable items.


In The Trophy Room, Hendry takes her infatuation with consumer idolatry to the next level by also creating literal trophies out of easily recognizable, iconic items and dipping them in liquid bronze. A headless Barbie, Beats headphones, an Hérmes Birkin bag – these objects have been coated in bronze and placed on concrete pedestals, then photographed and drawn meticulously in black ink. Through this process Hendry simultaneously destroys the original object with precious materials while immortalizing the trophy in ink.


The Trophy Room will be on view daily 11:00am – 6:00pm from November 3 – November 22.

Start Date

November 3, 2016

End Date

November 3, 2016


05:00 PM - 09:00 PM


The Trophy Room, 79 Greene Street, New York

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Invite Only

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The Trophy Room

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