Time & Material: Joseph Dolinsky and Vincent Dermody at Shrine NYC

SHRINE is pleased to present Time and Material, an exhibition of new works by Joseph Dolinsky and Vincent Dermody, two Brooklyn-based artists exploring alternative means of sculpture-making, both of which involve a time-based process reliant on the element of chance.


Joseph Dolinsky (b. 1983) creates abstract, three-dimensional works that hover somewhere between painting and sculpture. After carving away and gouging negative spaces into solid blocks of clay, Dolinksy pours plaster (or Aqua-Resin) mixed with dyes and pigments into the resulting voids. The movement of color is spontaneous and results in the pigment being integrated into the fabric of the work itself as opposed to having been applied or painted onto the surface. Once the forms dry, the clay mold is peeled away, and the piece is revealed- a painting existing within the actual space of a sculpture. This inseparable bond between material and pigment reflects the intertwined nature of the physical with the psyche for Dolinsky.


Vincent Dermody (b. 1973) gives us a new take on an old folk art medium- the memory jug. He uses found materials and the remnants of modern day life to re-skin old whisky jugs and beer growlers. Much like the original tradition of using a loved one’s personal keepsakes to cover a found form, Dermody aspires to document the belongings of his life, attributing a certain magic to them in the process of combining and organizing them together. Incorporating glass, concrete, bric-a-brac, and detritus from the last century­­­, the artist constructs memory jugs that are investigations into the self-deprecating nature of memory. These vibrant vessels are both a pastiche of contemporary pop history and an elegy to his Irish-immigrant working-class anxieties, fears, and dreams.

Start Date

November 17, 2016

End Date

November 17, 2016


19:00 AM - 19:00 AM


Shrine Gallery, 191 Henry Street, New York, NY

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